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   How is the Reading Recovery lesson structured?

The 30 minute daily Reading Recovery Lesson includes both reading and writing

  1. Re-reading familiar books provides the child with reading practice, to read fluently at a good pace with phrasing and expression and an acquaintance with a wide range of texts and language structures.
  2. The Reading Recovery teacher takes a running record of the child re-reading yesterday’s new book without teacher input.
  3. At the board the child will do a letter sorting activity to learn to discriminate all the letters fast and engage in word breaking activities.
  4. The child composes a message to be written, scaffolded by the teacher, using a range of ways of solving words for writing.
  5. Reconstructing the child’s cut up story provides the child an opportunity to practise searching, monitoring and checking.
  6. A new book is carefully selected by the teacher and introduced to the child and then the child attempts a first read.