ReadingWorks supports schools to plan and implement effective reading catch-up tuition for all pupils

Do you have a Reading Specialist Teacher on your team?

Are you able to ensure that effective provision is made in your school for high quality catch-up tuition in reading, for all pupils who need it, who may have fallen behind in their literacy learning, due to the disruption of Covid-19?

ReadingWorks is offering a unique opportunity to access professional development that will enable a teacher in your school to develop a high level of expertise in teaching reading

An evidence-informed approach gives us the best chance of maximising impact’ (EEF June 2020)

The module will engage the teachers with in depth learning on key elements that will include:

  • Use of diagnostic assessment tools that accurately informs teaching decisions
  • Working with a complex theory of literacy processing
  • Developing independent reading as a goal from the start
  • Responding to change over time to ensure accelerated progress.

Please contact Jennifer for more detail about this

professional development module

Participating schools will be entitled to an early bird discount of £300 if a teacher is enrolled onto the Reading Recovery Initial Professional development accredited by UCL to commence January 2021