ReadingWorks is an accredited provider of Reading Recovery professional development

Reading Recovery Professional Development Centre

In September 2018 we opened our new Reading Recovery Professional Development Centre for Kent and Medway. The Flourish Federation provided a space in the Brookfield Junior building. Local businesses and schools provided the funding to equip the centre with a sound-proofed, one way screen situated between teaching space and viewing area that accommodates up to 16 adults.

This unique facility enables Reading Recovery teachers to observe two Reading Recovery lessons taught by one of their peers at each Reading Recovery training session. ‘As they observe, they discuss the lesson. Freed from teaching the observing group can sharpen their observational powers and gain skills in prediction, hypothesizing and the minute by minute decision making that makes for high quality teaching.’ (Partners in Learning, Lyons, Pinnell, Deford)

The screen can also enhance Professional Development for other groups of educators where a shared observation of an activity can benefit a group of professionals in developing their learning. The centre has been successfully utilised in this way, forming part of a provision for a wider impact across the authority.

Please contact Liz Guyton at Brookfield Infant School for details on how to access this facility.

Brookfield Infant School, Swallow Rd, Larkfield, Aylesford ME20 6PY Phone: 01732 840955